Sunday Smackdown

By November 1, 2015 productivity, Sunday Smackdown, tips

Today when we got home around noon, I turned on this playlist on spotify and locked in to my desk activities.  I have had tons pile up on me so rather than be eaten by this week, I am going to start snackin’ first. My kids are napping and my wife is chilling so now is the time.

First order of business:  EMAILS.  Emails just need to be killed.  They represent to-dos and conversations.  It’s go time.

I have ONE personal email account, THREE side business accounts and ONE work account.  I prefer this type of insanity.

I keep my ONE personal and THREE side business (total of FOUR) all available via one application (postbox) and my work email in another application (mailplane).

This separation helps me cope with a lot of volume and allows me to check one side of my life or the other or both at the same time whenever I choose.

I used a moleskin (that’s the one I officially use) notepad to jot down notes and to-do’s and I entered anything I needed to get done this week into my new #TODOLISTPOWERMACHINE.  I’ll talk about that later on this week.

Next was to clear out all my TEXTS!  I am #TEXTINBOXZERO fanatic.

I knocked out a lot of small conversations that needed to happen via text which was great.  I caught up on a lot of odd and end email tasks.  Sent a new client a contract and then ended with reading a few Tim Ferris Blog Posts which in turn inspired me to write this post.

Boom!  Now go attack or be ATTACKED!


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