Family Man

Welcome to my online home. I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. For the official stuff, you can check out my Linkedin Profile here. I also have linked to all my social media at the top of this page.

For a quick rundown of me, check out the bullets below:

– I’m addicted to learning anything about everything.
– I love my family. (I’ve been married almost 10 years and have 2 daughters.)
– I study leaders in all kinds of different contexts: at home, athletics, or in different workplaces and industries.
– I believe everyone needs help to learn the truth of the Bible and how it connects to our daily lives in our homes, communities and workplaces.
– I am currently an Executive Director at Pine Cove.
– I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University.
– I have a Masters in Christian Leadership Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.
– I am currently leading the first Pine Cove National Expansion to establish a full region and camp structure in South Carolina with our first camp opening summer of 2017. Follow along at my blog and over here (as soon as the site is set up).