Do You Talk to Lesbians?

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“They did not act as if such conversations were polluting them.”

This is what Rosaria Champagne Butterfield says in her story about converting from being an angry, christian-attacking lesbian to a believer in Jesus Christ.

She tells the story of how she recently published an article that attacked christians, the trinity and republicans in the local newspaper and how that was the moment of her life beginning to change.  But she didn’t know it.

She received all kinds of feedback, mostly negative, but a man named Ken Smith sent her a response described by her as a “kind and inquiring letter”.  She says: “Ken didn’t argue with my article; rather, he asked me to defend the presuppositions that undergirded it.”

Then, after she responded to him, Ken and his wife Floy invited this strong standing, anti-christian lesbian into their home for dinner one night.

Then came the friendship.

Then came her salvation.

“They did not act as if such conversations were polluting them.”

That line stuck out to me throughout the whole article.  Are we as Christians ok with having deep and tough conversations with others who disagree with us, believe crazy things, or even hate us?

I hope so.

Will we invite them into our homes?

I hope so.

Will we go through the long process of befriending, talking and understanding, and trust God with the results?

I hope so.

I am inspired by the fact that Ken and Floy were willing to enter into a relationship with someone so different than them.  Because they didn’t worry about what others thought, because they were ok being disagreed with and because they didn’t ignore this person or issue,  it resulted in God saving her soul.

Remember, these things take time and do not happen over night.  But I think the question for us remains.

Are we ok with entering into the lives of people who are different, who are angry, or who do not like us?

Jesus would certainly hope so.

Check out the article.  What do you get from it?