Field Treasure Designs


After working with young adults for 10 years in full time ministry, I am seeing our generation turn around and realize that we really don’t know how to do anything practical. Young people are growing up unable to fix things, build things and even worse, create things. The gap between young and old has widened. Words like artisan and apprentice have been traded for professor and student. Skills and experience have been traded for knowledge and networks. Young people seem not empowered by freedom and opportunities, but overpowered by fear and lack of practical skills and experience. I had seen this in myself as well. That being said…

I started Field Treasure Designs pretty much by accident. The need to figure something out for our house triggered a collision of passions. In late 2011, I discovered I could build something. It was a shelf out of an old pallet. More than that, I had created something that others would enjoy. Taking something that was going to be thrown away and making it into something new sparked a passion in me and it reminded me of a love I once had for this kind of work. And it reminded me of the greatest love of old that has literally redeemed my life. That part is found in Matthew 13:44.

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