I love developing ideas, finished products and people. Projects fuel my fire. I have a strong will to find a way and break the existing paradigm. I am compelled by a strong sense of mission completion, creating raving fans along the way. I think sustainability is key, and good way that happens is by inspiring and mobilizing others through intentional, focused efforts.

I am currently consulting, practicing real estate, speaking and personal coaching.

Twitter & Instagram: @anbacon

Website: anbacon.com


Pine Cove Chimney Point (Established Summer, 2017)
Pioneered, Developed, Built and Managed a premier $8 million resort facility on 120 acres of lake front property and program for adults and families called Chimney Point on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina. Learn more: pinecove.com/summer-camps/chimney-point

Field Treasure Designs (Since November, 2011)
A Design and Home Decor business with an online store that has shipped to all 50 states and internationally. Learn more at fieldtreasuredesigns.com

Field Treasure Show Podcast (Since January, 2017)
A conversational style interview podcast, which focuses primarily interviewing makers of small businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit in their various fields. Want to listen? Click iTunes or Spotify.

The Albermarle Project (2016 – 2017)
Full remodel of a 2,200 residential home built in 1978.

Specialties: Vision Creation and Achievement, Creativity, Leadership, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Developing Systems, Tools, Technology, Branding, Strategy, Property Development, Home Remodeling, Accounting, Staff Development