Tips to Save Battery Life on iOS7

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If you had been following me on twitter, then you know about my love/hate relationship with iOS7. While I think there are some issues with it, overall I think it is awesome! Apple has has brought some great changes and features to the iPhone with iOS7. However, I noticed shortly after updating my iPhone and iPad Mini that my battery life was draining fast.

These are some tips I found to keep the battery from draining as quickly. But if you continue to refresh Instagram every 10 seconds, these tips won’t do you any good!  Most of these I found from “The Unofficial Apple Weblog“, but I thought I would add a little extra to help you see how to change these settings.


Turn off ‘Background App Refresh’

Unless you really want your apps to refresh themselves when you are not using them, this is an easy fix.  The time it takes for apps to re-open or re-fresh when you need them is better than a drained battery.


How to: Settings / General / Background App Refresh


Turn off ‘Location Services’

You might want some apps to know your locations (maps, shopping, etc) but you can actually minimize the number of apps wanting to know your location all the time. This also helps reduce the creep factor if you are worried about that.


How to: Settings / Privacy / Location Services


Turn off ‘Bluetooth and Wifi’

“Turn off wifi?!” … Yes. There are times when you know you don’t need it. So why waste battery life on your iPhone by it constantly searching for wifi. And with the new control center so easy to access, this is a no brainer. This also applies to turning off Bluetooth. Just turn it off until you need it.


How to: Swipe Up / Press the ‘Wifi’ and ‘Bluetooth’ Symbols


Turn off ‘Reduce Motion’

This is a total iOS7 secret in my opinion. When you first updated your iPhone or iPad, you probably noticed how the apps shift perspective and move around depending on how you hold and look at your screen. Try it out. You might not have noticed. I thought it was super cool until I learned that this tiny feature was draining my battery.  I recommend turning it off, unless you simply cannot part with this cool extra.


How to: Settings / General / Accessibility / Reduce Motion


Close Out Apps

Every once in awhile it is good to close out all those apps that you have been using throughout your day.  Or month.  All you have to do is double tap your home button and every app that you have opened will show its screen view.  You can swipe up on any of them to “close” them out.


How to:  Double press the home button / swipe up on any screen shot


Brightness Levels

Keep watch over your automatic brightness levels. You can also manually override it by swiping up to get into the control center.  You can lower your brightness when you don’t need it bright and it will help save battery life.

Ultra Special Tip: If you turn the brightness all the way down before you go to sleep at night, it won’t blast your eyes when you look at it first thing in the morning!


Have you found any other ways to save battery other than turning your device off?